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It all starts as an idea. To bring that intangible notion into being, it takes advanced technology and inventive application. At J.W. Boarman, we have mastered the tools and the artistry that define our craft. We know you'll set your standards at the highest level. And we're prepared to meet you there.


Konica Minolta C8000 and C1100 digital press

Intoprint 4 color digital envelope printer

Output Devices

Trendsetter-Automated Computer to Plate Device. Resolutions up to 2400 dpi and output of 600 maximum line screen. Plate is punched and imposed in line for maximum registration.

Prinergy Connect-Single page workflow Rip and imposition software. Able to rip pdf or postscript files.

PREPS PLUS-Imposition software to produce full size imposed flats.

Kodak Matchprint-Color proof rip

Epson 9900-For the making of contract proofs

HP 5000-Large format printer capable of printing 42" by 100'. Used to create 2 sided imposition proofs from the prinergy refined files. Posters are also produced on the HP.


Scitex EverSmart Jazz-2000x6000 dpi optical resolution, Scaling: 20-200% at 300 dpi over the entire format.


Man Roland R704-3B-Four color digital convertible perfector offset. Capable of printing four colors one side or two colors two sides. The press is equipped with power plate loading, computer controlled inking, automatic blanket and roller washing, Roland Deltamatic dampening system, single-cylinder perfecting system, transfers for markless sheet travel, automatic change over from one job to another which includes size and thickness of paper. This is all controlled by the PECOM Press Center at the Console. Maximum printing size is 28.15" x 40.16". Maximum speed is 15,000 i.p.h. It is equipped with and infrared dryer.

Miller TP 104 plus-Two Color Perfector, maximum printing size: 28"x 40-1/2" - This press is a sheet-fed stream press. It has a maximum speed of 12,000 i.p.h. Utilizing alcohol-free Miller-matic dampener system and conventional inker. It is capable of producing high quality multi-color offset lithography. This press has the capability to do split fountain work by making the oscillating roller stationary. Also has the capabilities of 1/1 perfecting on offset or coated text stock. it is equipped with and infrared dryer.

Ryobi 3302M-Two color, maximum print area 13" x 17.24". Maximum speed of 10,000 i.p.h.

Strate FLO Envelope Feeder-It can print from an A2-A7 envelope up to 10x13 including, remittance. 3-fool or 5-foot delivery capacity.


45" Polar Mohr Electronic Paper Cutter-Electronically program cut sizes into memory to allow complete automation of cutter. Cuts paper up to 45" in 3-1/2" lifts.

Polar 115 XT Paper Cutter- Can be electronically programmed from prepress. Cuts paper up to 45" wide in 3.5" lifts.

26 x 40 MBO B-26 Folder-Operator friendly, this folder has a low-loading continuous feeder board and two speed trans-system. Spiral foldrollers which allow for no marking on sensitive stock. This folder has an eight page and sixteen page roll away section. Quality scoring and perfing capabilities in line on folder and the ability to fold jobs 2 up.

30 x 50 Stahl Folder-Can score and perf a variety of sizes and weights of paper. This folder has an eight page and sixteen page roll away section. It also has the ability to fold jobs of multiple up.

19 x 25 Stahl Folder-Can score, perf and slit different sizes and weights of paper. Also folds in right angles to give eight page signatures.

Muller Martini Bravo-T Saddle Stitcher-Electronically controlled from a central console, missing stitch monitor. Has a three knife or a 5 knife trimmer for 2up books. Also has an Apollo Compensating Stacker with delivery.

MHZ Tape Application Machine-Applies double stick tape in strips to paper.

(2) Baum D-5 Drills-Can drill in lifts up to 2" thick.

CMC Round Cornering Machine-Gives a 3/8" or 1/2" radius to the corners of paper.

Eastey Shrink Film Machine-This shrink film machine provides a smooth film wrap to finished work for a high quality professional look.

(2) Secap VSA 1030 Tabbers